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Who uses a virtual office?

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Who uses a virtual office?

Who uses a virtual office?

There are many reasons why a small business owner may choose to benefit from using a virtual office. One great advantage of this is that it can help to boost your company’s image and reputation. A large proportion of small businesses use a residential address and for some people this can cause uncertainty about the reliability and legitimacy of the business, which in turn can lead to less trust, custom and sales.Virtual office can provide your business with a prestigious mail forwarding address in London which instantly gives your business huge credibility and a higher status. When seeing a registered London address, prospective clients are more likely to view the company as well established, trusted and reliable.As well as providing security for customers, using our virtual office service will keep your home address private and protect you from unwanted callers. This is an important reason for you to use a virtual office, and will help by keeping your home address off all public records. By using our virtual office address you will be preventing cold callers from just turning up at your home address at any time of the day completely unannounced - which can be very awkward to say the least! Our service provides great peace of mind to our customers, you will know your home address is secure from all cold callers.In addition to our mail forwarding service, many small businesses use our virtual call answering service. This service works much like having your own personal assistant who will handle all calls on your behalf. Unlike employing a full-time PA, which could cost you over £20,000 a year, a virtual personal assistant is an affordable option for your business. A full time virtual PA on the same hours would cost just a small fraction of that from Capital Office for 12 months. Your virtual call answering service will receive all calls and then divert them to your home or mobile phone quickly and without revealing either number to the caller.Alternatively, if you prefer not to answer all calls live, your callers are able to leave a message which you can listen to and then respond to later. This can be ideal if your work is very hands on meaning you cannot answer your phone straight away each time it rings, or your job means you are away from your phone regularly throughout the day. All of our call answering staff are native English speakers and have impeccable telephone manners and customer service skills. Using this service will allow you to remain focused on your work without the worry of distractions or missing an important client’s calls.If you would like to discuss any of our services please do not hesitate to contact our expert team who will be happy to talk you through your preferred options. We can find a package suitable for your business.Why not take a look at our extensive range of Virtual Office packages we have available. We are confident that we will have something to suit your business needs!

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