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Business Address Service – Your Office In The UK

With Capital Office’s business address service, you can use our address to trade in the UK, enhance your brand image in public, and also separate your public and personal address to maintain full privacy. Call us today if you are looking for a business address and let us be at your service. Read all your post online and reply, no matter where you are.

What can the Capital Office’s Business Address to you?

Our business address service is ideal for every company structure. It doesn’t matter if you are a partnership firm, a sole trader, a PLC, or a limited company, our business address is here at your service.

Use of Business Address

  • Use it as a correspondence address. Share it with your suppliers for all inbound mail.

  • Use it as a business trading address. Use it on any marketing materials and stationery.

  • Use it as a registered office. You will need it to incorporate businesses.

  • Use it as a director’s address to keep your personal address protected from the public.

Our Registered and Director’s address service

To set up a private limited company in London, you will need a registered address. It is a legal requirement for every company to get registered at Companies House. With our business address service, you get to use our address as your company’s registered address and separate it from your personal address. Use our address for any types of official correspondence.

Our Business Address as your Trading Address

You can use our business address as your trading address. This service is ideal for small companies, mainly. You can conduct your business using a registered address without compromising your personal address. This way, you get to keep your privacy intact.

What is the true meaning of virtual business address?

The virtual business address is a registered address which allows companies to read and manage their mail online effortlessly. The address is located physically, and you can use it as your company address anywhere you want. You can use it on your website, your emails, envelopes, and wherever you want to do business communication. You have a virtual address, which is yours and exists in reality.

Well-managed mail forwarding address

When you avail our business address service, you also get the option to avail our mail forwarding address service for free. All you got to have is a device where you will check your mail, and an internet connection and you are good to go.

Evernote and Dropbox

We can assist you in managing your mail and effortlessly merging it into robust cloud storage.

Why do you need a business address?

It’s a well-known fact that putting resources into a physical office space can be very costly. Since numerous organizations don’t really require a physical area, they regularly decide on working practically instead of paying conventional office lease. Subsequently, this leaves them without a physical organization address. So as to set up trust and a positive notoriety in the network, a location is basic.

Leasing a virtual office space offers you the chance to guarantee a physical location for your business without using up every last cent. Here are 3 other significant advantages that a physical organization address offers.

  • Validity

Basically, a physical location gets your business recorded on Google Places, which at that point makes your organization obvious and accessible on the Internet. This is a simple yet basic approach to get your organization took note. By having your business recorded on Google Places, you can improve your presentation for web search tool traffic, increment movement for nearby searches, enable customers to effortlessly leave audits and communicate with your business, and addition an upper hand. Thusly, a physical location makes your organization progressively sound.

  • Consistency

Cafés, individual homes, or open spots don’t give satisfactory space to meeting with customers. Leasing a virtual office, and in this way increasing a physical location, furnishes your business with a predictable and expert spot to hold gatherings. Virtual workplaces are outfitted with all the essential innovation for running a gathering, including projectors, meeting rooms, office furniture, Wi-Fi, and so forth. Receptionists are likewise accessible for welcome visitors as they show up and giving refreshments.

  • Competency

A physical office address additionally puts out an effective and skillful picture to customers and associates. Your organization can utilize this location on business cards, showcasing materials, and sites. It likewise shows a simpler path for you to get conveyances and handle telephone calls. While you are getting a good deal on conventional office lease, others will be dazzled with your expert appearance.

A business address is necessary for your organization and this is the reason why Capital office is here to help. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, if you would like to have a good reputation for your business, then you must get in touch with Capital Office for our bespoke business address service.


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