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Virtual Mailing Address

When you opt for our virtual mailing address, you get to have one or more than one UK’s physical location for the parcels to send to. You log in, view the packages, read your letters and forward the post or parcels wherever you would like.

Virtual Mailing Address is also known as hybrid mail forwarding. The virtual address gives you the authority to decide what to do with the parcels. You can choose to send the packages one-by-one to a different address, rather than selecting every packet to be sent out to one particular address.

You Get Your Postal Address in a UK City

You get to choose from Royal Mail PO Boxes depending on your location in the UK, or you can select one of our Street Addresses in London.

Easy to Use Mail Management App

Don’t worry about your mail and posts anymore. Use our free mail management app to take control of all your posts online. Our simple to use app will you take a look your received envelopes, ask us whether you would like them to be opened and scanned, have them forwarded to you no matter where you are in the world.

Efficient International mail and Parcel Forwarding service

When you choose a virtual mailing address from us, we also give you international mail and parcel forwarding service to you too. This way, you can decide what to do with the parcels and select the option right in the app. Tell us what needs to be done with the parcels, and we will take care of that.

Registered Office Address

Are you planning to start your business in the UK, but you need a director’s service and a registered office address, to begin with? Call Capital Office and let us assist you registering your business address in London.

Why our Virtual Mailing address?

Much like a house turns into a home with a difference in context, an office turns into a business when viewed in that capacity. Present day innovation removes a great deal of the requirement for a physical area for a business. Be that as it may, a virtual office in London can give some stunning advantages worth considering.

The first impression matters

The most key virtual office advantages originate from the impression it makes on clients. Client’s seeing a private location may not regard the thoughts leaving it. As miserable as it may be, individuals will in general judge everything by the spread.

An expert facade can be accomplished by getting into a virtual office. The area and gives that fundamental sponsorship of believability.

For you, the advantage of having an ‘office’ area outside of the home can likewise be compensating for your very own inner idea of the work.

Friendly Reception

As we know that start up needs a reception area, where they can meet and greet people, we are also aware that it consumes a lot of space and resources as well. Numerous individuals will have inquiries with respect to what the business does and will look for answers. Reception service shouldn’t only be online; however, they simply should be there when required.

Getting a packaged friendly reception speaks to the best points of interest of virtual workplaces. It gives what is required without sitting around and space when it isn’t.

Postal Forwarding

Between the different examples and complimentary gifts that get conveyed by publicists and showcasing organizations hoping to arrive new customers and the enormous number of bundles that buoy into a business, having a mail administration is basic.

Bigger organizations have whole areas of their staff that start in the sorting room, even in the advanced age, since mail is a thing.

Getting a set up delivery and street number gives a two-overlay advantage. The first is gathering everything in one spot. The second is having a steady address to get at that gets business need in administration and speed.

A Local Phone Number

Much like the mail, accepting calls to a neighborhood number in a region your business is hoping to target is an extraordinary positive point. On the off chance that you need to resemble a major business in the city you can have a telephone number that imitates that.

There are explicit center points in primary urban areas that similarly invested businesses will in general assemble in, getting a number around there will put you on a standard with them from the very first moment.


Having an ‘office’ area gives you a feeling of direction. This can expand your very own efficiency and increment your general business impression.

Notwithstanding, the benefits of working from home for bosses stretch out to representatives. By working from their very own arrangements you increment the measure of specialist joy and lower the time spent and squandered in relational discussions and strolling around the workplace territories.

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