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Are you looking for an international parcel forwarding service for your organization, then get in touch with Capital Office today! Our international parcel forwarding service is suitable for people who are living outside the UK and want to purchase products from the UK. Use our service, order anything, choose our address, get it delivered here, and we will send the parcel to you securely.

Free and Safe UK Parcel Address

Get a free dedicated courier point address from us. Just sign up online. No fee is charged for setting up an account with us. Pay only for the items that you receive.

Premium Parcel forwarding services, as well as standard

Use our dedicated Parcel Management app and have full control over all your parcels. We keep your packages safe with us. Tell us where you wish your parcels to be sent, and we will do the needful for you. We can deliver your parcel to Spain or London, or anywhere you would like the package to be delivered.

Shop and Ship Service

Most eCommerce sites offer deliveries in only their countries and even if some do, they charge you a fortune. Why pay so much, when you can avail our affordable Shop and Ship service? By anything from any of the UK site, and use our service to pack them up carefully and send them to you at a nominal price. No matter where you are, we will send away the item that belongs to you.

Parcel Storage service

Do you want us to store your parcel until you are back to the UK? Then that can be done too. We offer reliable parcel storage option which will let you store all the packets in one place. Take them back from us once you are back.

Common FAQs answered

If you have any query regarding our international parcel forwarding service, then we are right here to assist. However, go through our FAQ section to know if we have already answered your query.

Who uses Parcel Forwarding Services?

For the most part customers. You just buy things from any nation and have it delivered to the ‘shipping address’ that your package sending administration gives. After a proper process, your parcel will be sent to your doorstep.

How not long after in the wake of joining would I be able to begin having parcels dispatched to my record address?

To answer this, it would depend on when you have joined us and likewise your service for international parcel forwarding service will begin. Some are operational following information exchange, while some require confirmation and check. On the off chance that there is an information exchange expense included, at that point once the exchange has experienced, you can begin utilizing the record address.

Would I be able to get parcels for other individuals?

Indeed, you may get parcel for other people, yet they ought to be tended to under your name.

Would I be able to ship parcels to different locations and other individuals?

Completely! We let you ship your parcels to other individuals provided they live in an area that they ship to. You can also email our customer service department to affirm before continuing with the sending.

Will my record address ever change? By what means will I know what it changes to?

Indeed, it could. The regular practice is that all record holders are advised by means of email. You also will be educated a similar way.

What things are disallowed from being delivered to me?

Few things are denied when all is said in done, and there are some which are nation explicit. The general rundown is: Ammunition, Biological Objects, Blades/Swords, Controlled Substances, Compressed Air/Aerosols, Currency, Chemicals, Drugs, Explosives, Firearms, Flammable Objects, Lithium Batteries not inside a gadget, Medications, Money, Pornography, in addition to other things.

My things were reallocated by Customs, what do I do?

You have to contact your traditions division and sort out the issue with them. Sending organizations are not dependable if your thing gets reallocated, suspended or held at traditions.

Truth be told, this typically happens when you either don’t proclaim things on your tradition’s presentation, miss-announce the worth or that thing is precluded.

To stay away from such a situation, consistently proclaim the thing, it’s worth or inquire as to whether they offer Delivery Duty Paid help. It would be ideal if you note that DDP just guarantees the sum is cleared from traditions and not simply the thing.

If you have more questions in mind, which we couldn’t answer here, then feel free to get in touch with us. We will be obliged to help you out and clear your confusion. And if you would like to avail our international parcel forwarding service right away, then don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We are only a call away.

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