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Need full control over your Royal Mail Redirection, then call Capital Office to know about our Royal Mail Redirection service. Now read your letter online from anywhere, forward all the mails easily, or store them until you are all set to receive them.

Redirect mail to Capital Office and read them online easily

We let you link the Royal Mail Redirection to the UK PO Account. No need to rely on overseas postal service, when we give you the best of both worlds. No more fear of losing or delayed posts. Now, you can redirect your Royal Mail to us. We will keep them safe. Get full access to manage them and access them whenever you want.

Capital Office Protects your identity

Moving location is never easy. You may have a lot of Royal mail coming to your old address. But now you have Capital Office Royal Mail Redirect service right here. We will make sure that none of your mail goes to your old address. We keep your identity protected. Just add a UK Postbox account and get all the benefits from our Virtual Mailbox service.

Steps to set up a UK Postbox Redirection Address

  • Sign up to our account free of cost.
  • If you are ready with your new address, update it on the Royal Mail website.
  • Set up the redirection, and you are done.

Setting up Royal Mail Redirection will be done by the client only, Capital Office, unfortunately, can’t do that on your behalf.

To what extent does mail redirection last?

Imperial Mail Redirection can be set up for 3, 6 or a year. Eventually, it’s dependent upon you to choose the amount you’d profit by expanding the length. Remember that some essential mail may just be sent once every year, for example your yearly annuity articulation. It might be advantageous to pick a year redirection to lessen the danger of not getting significant correspondence. Toward the finish of your year redirection period, you have the choice to re-establish your redirection, up to a limit of 4 years.

Are there any postponements with a mail redirection administration?

Regal Mail express that you should include ‘one additional day’ to your assessed conveyance date for diverted mail, because of the additional progression associated with getting your post to you.

Mail redirection cost clarified

The cost you can hope to pay for diverted mail relies upon the length, area and what your identity is.

When is diverting mail valuable?

Post redirection administrations are valuable for pretty much any individual who is moving, regardless of whether that is a transitory change in convenience, a perpetual move abroad, or an experience that winds up enduring longer than expected. On the off chance that you fall into any of these classes, it merits considering getting your mail diverted.

Moving house

Moving abroad

Working abroad

Broadened occasion

Business migration

How dependable is Royal Mail Redirection?

It’s constantly a stress that diverted mail won’t be prepared accurately, yet rest guaranteed, you’re ensured a similar Royal Mail administration you’re utilized to. Before any redirection occurs, you’ll get an affirmation letter that will show your beginning date, address being diverted to and the names of the mail collectors. This is your opportunity to conclude your subtleties, and if right, you shouldn’t have any issues. In the uncommon case that Royal Mail neglect to convey their administration, they have a committed area to settling any redirection issues.

In what manner can Capital Office help with your redirection?

Our Royal mail redirection will keep going for your lifetime, fit to be utilized as and when you require mail redirection. You may be a successive voyager who uses the administration yearly, or you may just need mail redirection like clockwork, just pick the arrangement that suits you. We won’t evacuate your record for dormancy.

If you are someone who frequently changes their location and would like to have their mail redirected to different addresses, then Capital Office’s royal mail redirection can be of great help. We understand people frequently change their location and it indeed becomes problematic when you visit Royal Mail to change your address continuously. Well, with Capital Office, you will never have to worry about mail redirection ever again because we are right here at your service.

When you have changed your location to our own, the post redirection will come directly to us, and we can activate it same day, according to your guidelines. So, all the mail, letters checking, enlisted office mail is taken care of quickly, safely and securely.

You needn’t bother with a Po Box, or a letter drop, or the Royal Mail redirection administration, when you have joined with us, we will give you a Real UK address, that will end up being your lasting UK address for you or your business, also, your credit document.

At long last, we distribute each new customer a one of a kind number, so giving that this number is cited on all the mail received you can have the same number of names and business names on the record, another extraordinary advantage contrasted with the Royal Mail, Regus and others.

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