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Mail Forwarding Address Capital Office

Rent a mail forwarding address for your business use and let your mail reach you no matter where you are. We give you complete control over your mails. It doesn’t matter where you are moving; your post will reach you.

Our Advanced Mail Forwarding Service

The capital office offers advanced mail forwarding service. We let you have full control over each and every parcel and posts that arrive at our office. Along with it, you get the power to forward your mail to one particular address today and change it effortlessly tomorrow. When we say that you will have to full authority over your mail, we mean you get to choose what happens to your items. You can choose to set defaults and apply it over the entire account. We understand that it is your post, and only you should be able to decide how to handle it.

Virtual mail forwarding- we make it simpler

With our mail forwarding service, you will not only be able to take full control over your post, but you will also be able to read, as well as, reply to every post online.

It doesn’t matter where you are travelling to or are right now; you get instant access to your postal address. All you need to have is an Internet connection, and you are ready to read and reply to your post. We are one of the very few advanced mail forwarding service providers that offer our service at a cost-effective price.

Parcels? We can manage that too

We provide dedicated courier point delivery address to each other the account holder. We want you to have a seamless mail forwarding experience, which means you can send your packages and shopping sent directly to us. We will take care of that.

The easiest way to redirect your mail

Do you want to redirect your mail? You can instruct Royal mail easily to send your mail to another UK Postbox street address. We understand that redirecting mail is not an easy task. But worry no more. Get a PO Box with us and easily instruct Royal Mail to redirect the mail to your UK Postbox-Courier Point Address.

Easily forward your mail to Dropbox and Evernote

Now get all your posts automatically forward it to Dropbox and Evernote.

We protect your privacy

Your privacy is our utmost priority. We keep your personal information 100% safe with us. We follow the General Data Protection Regulation, and we never give away any of our clients’ data to a third party. And if someone asks us for your personal information, we alert you right away.

Why our Mail Forwarding Service?

  • Keep up the Privacy for Your Home Address:

Numerous individuals can’t bear to lease office space, so they continue maintaining their private ventures from their homes to minimize the expenses to a base. It is safe to say that you are running your private venture from home? Need to keep up your protection? Mail forwarding service can give the entrepreneurs an office address that they can utilize all over the place with the goal that their clients don’t have to know their street number. When you give your personal residence to your clients, it may not sound as expert. Workplaces in prime areas of urban areas are viewed as significantly more expert and renowned than locally situated organizations.

  • Financially savvy and helpful

Alongside sending letters, numerous organizations likewise sort out independent ventures’ mail so you don’t get any garbage mail to their entryway consistently. Private companies can helpfully utilize the mail forwarding address as they need not to avoid their gathering to sit tight for the significant bundles at their home. They can basically finish all their work without agonizing over the missed conveyances. Mail forwarding address forward mail that day they get it (contingent upon what time it is conveyed if not it will be conveyed the following day), guaranteeing that it arrives at entrepreneurs in a wonderful timeframe. Not having the option to gather a letter or package is an essential issue looked by entrepreneurs, however it very well may be stayed away from with a mail sending address. There is likewise the additional bit of leeway of having mail sending administration anyplace on the planet. This opens up those working in a startup geologically while keeping up the benefits of having a fixed location.

  • Failing to miss significant mail

Entrepreneurs for the most part grumble that they miss significant bundles and letters since they are away at the hour of conveyance. It tends to be very baffling to be bogged down alongside the additional expense and time to rearrange the conveyance spaces. By picking a mail forwarding address, entrepreneurs need not stress over missing any significant bundle or letters once more. Somebody will consistently be there to sign for their bundle for their benefit.


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I am very happy with the customer service that I had when calling Capital Office today.

I spoke to a representative called John R; John was extremely kind, helpful and patient, and went above and beyond to help with my queries and to explain further details that I needed clarification on.

I appreciate all the help and guidance that I received massively!

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"I recently registered my LTD company with Capital Office UK, and I am beyond pleased with their services. They provided a registered UK address, a free .co.uk domain, and even forwarded my bank credit card to my local address in Pakistan, all at a reasonable cost. The efficiency, transparency, and thoughtful customer care exceeded my expectations."

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