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10 excuses for not starting a business and how to overcome them

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10 excuses for not starting a business and how to overcome them

10 excuses for not starting a business and how to overcome them

Are you one of those who say`s "I`d like to create my business but ..."? If you really want it, it's likely that what is holding you back are not valid reasons, but excuses. And the excuses often disguise apparently very rational reasons. So here is a list of 10 tips to refute excuses and move on to success.

Are you afraid?

Normal. Doing something different always produces some fear. But do not confuse fear and real risk. Instead, streamline. Discuss what might happen and see how you find solutions to keep going even if things go wrong. If we let fear control our lives, we would not come out ono the street. And what about the feeling of overcoming your fears? It's called courage, and it is very rewarding.

Don`t have contacts?

Nobody has at the beginning. Unless you come from an entrepreneurial family, the contacts you build will come slowly. There is no magic formula, but it gets easier.

Do not have money?

This is even more common than having no contacts. It means that you`ll have to think of a more efficient system. Look for ways to start small, get your first customers, and see it grow. If you need a little more money, then work and save. You can also borrow money from family and friends. But again, there are ways to start a business without money, especially online.

Do not have time?

This excuse is also used by those who do not want to do sports or always postpone the day they will learn this or that. We all have some time spare. If you want something bad enough, you have to prioritise what you do.

Do not have the knowledge?

Before you learn something, usually no one knows. This is an easy solution and it`s called training. You can read information online as you are doing now or look for something more structured, online or offline, through public or private education. You have many options.

Do not have the required skills?

One of two things: either you have chosen a business that does not suit you, and then the solution is to perhaps look elsewhere. Or you only have some skills because no one can do everything, and in this case you need to surround yourself either with external advisors or professionals who can guide you.

Do not have a business idea?

Sure you have it. How many times have you seen the failures of other business and thought you'd do differently if you were the owner? Those are business ideas. What works best is to improve the existing ideas. Do the same as the other, only a little better.

Cannot afford the risk?

You may have the responsibility of a family, but this is again turning to the excuse of fear. To live is to risk. Starting a business is risk. The issue is you have to take calculated risks.

Are you still refining the concept?

There is no perfect product. When you put your product or service in the market, you might feel a little embarrassed because it will never be as you wished it to be. You have to then strive for a better version depending on what your customers want, not your personal concepts.

Are you too old, or young, or your health is not perfect?

There is no optimal age to undertake ventures. Young people are generally more enthusiastic and have greater energy, while the older enjoy a wealth of experience and more contacts. And health? Unless you have something very serious, it should not be a barrier. As mentioned earlier, when you undertake what you choose, you can usually find a way to overcome your problems.

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