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July 1, 2014
February 15, 2024


How to Change Your Limited Company Registered Office Address

Discover how to change your UK limited company registered office address at Companies House using form AD01 or WebFiling.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • You can change your registered office address anytime throughout the lifetime of your company.
  • With the recently enacted Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, your registered address must be a physical address in the same country where the company is registered, not a PO box address.
  • Statutory letters from government agencies such as the Office of National Statistics, courts, Companies House, and HMRC are sent to the registered office address.

How to Change a Company Address (Online and With Form AD01)

You are responsible for keeping your company information as held by Companies House up to date. But before you proceed to change, ensure that the new address remains within the same part of the UK where your company is registered – England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. 

Change your company address online using your WebFiling credentials (email address and password). 

Watch the video below for more information.

A video guide on how to change your director or company address registered with Companies House

You can also change your details by post using form AD01

Form AD01 download
A snapshot of from AD01

You’ll need the following details to fill out the form – 

  • Company name
  • Company registration number
  • Details of the new address
  • Presenter information (details of the person filling out the form)

To avoid penalties, you must update your company information held at Companies House within 14 days of the change. 

Once your change of address becomes effective, Companies House will inform HMRC. 


What is a registered office address? 

Companies House, HMRC, and other government agencies use a registered office address to send official mail. You can use your home or business address, but note that Companies House will no longer accept a P.O. Box.

Also known as a service address, the registered office address is the official address of your Company. As far as mail is concerned, it is the point of contact between your private limited company and the government. 

Before you register your company, be sure to have it in place. 

Can I use my residential address as my company’s registered office address?

Yes. You can use your home address as your registered office address. However, since the address will be publicly available on the Companies House register, you may get unwanted mail and visitors, exposing you to privacy and security challenges. 

Instead, consider working with a virtual office address service like ours and acquire a prestigious central London address that elevates your brand image. 

What is the difference between a trading address and a registered office address?

A trading address is where you are carrying out your business activities. If you have a professional business premise, you can register your trading address as the registered office address. However, you may have to deal with uninvited visitors since this information will be available on the Companies House public register. 

Furthermore, with your landlord's permission, you can provide your home address as your registered address. Yet, this option exposes you to privacy violations and junk mail. 

Do I or a company representative need to be available at the trading address to receive correspondence? 

You do not need to trade from your registered office service location or have any company representative present. However, you need someone at the address to receive, sign, and confirm receipt of the government mail sent to the business. Such an individual can be anybody, including the staff at a virtual office. 

It ensures that official documents, notices, or communications are properly handled and acknowledged by someone at the specified address. By fulfilling this requirement, you demonstrate that you have a reliable point of contact for regulatory or governmental entities, even if the business or company representative is not physically present at the trading address.

What are the key features of your registered address service?

As far as virtual office services are concerned, we are the best. 

A registered office address is a legal requirement during company formation. Further, with the enactment of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act already established, companies have until March 2024 to switch to a physical address from a P.O. Box. 

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