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May 14, 2015
May 5, 2021


A good image can gain you more clients

Every day entrepreneurs have to meet face to face with customers, suppliers or investors in order to maintain or grow their business. It`s important they should always keep a good image, since in many cases this may be a determining factor of doing business.The question is: how many times have you made judgments of a person just by their appearance? The personal image of someone can project confidence and trust, which often leaves those who don`t care about image out of business.Here are some tips on how to leave a positive impact on those around you through your image.

  • One of the first things is to keep your clothes ironed and in excellent condition, as this will denote how careful and dedicated you are, and therefore with everything around you.
  • Shoes are also a critical piece of outer wear for anyone, so make sure they are clean, shined and in excellent condition; if the heel or sole of the shoe is worn, send it to repair as soon as possible.
  • Accessories are a fundamental part for a business role model, so it is recommended that they are of a decent and presentable quality.
  • If you wear glasses, remember that they represent much of your personality; however, the most important aspect is that you go to a specialist to advise you with the kind of face you have and choose the glasses with which you feel most comfortable.
  • Moreover, a black jacket is a basic item for most business owners, as this combines well with almost any clothing; it is a very versatile garment for both men and women.
  • Men should be aware of facial hair, to keep this tidy and well managed. This reflects well on those making first impressions.
  • Finally, never forget that what matters most is to gain trust from your customers and to show a good attitude about everything.

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