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October 21, 2014
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What addresses are required when forming a company?

When applied to form a new company, you have to complete various addresses. The requirements of the Companies House can sometimes lead to confusion, so this guide will explain the different types of addresses - including office management, administration, and secretary of address, correspondence address and home address common shareholder administrators - in short, why they are relevant.

Address of the head office

The company's head office; this is the direction in which authorities such as HMRC or Companies House will send all correspondence and legal documents. When thinking about your business address, you should bear in mind that:

  • It will appear on the public record.
  • Must be the same part of the United Kingdom, which is registered. For example, a company registered in England and Wales, registered office address cannot be in Scotland.
  • This could be your home address (but remember to be included in the public record).
  • If you do not use your home address, but not the owner of your property, you should check any lease, so you can use the address for commercial purposes.
  • You do not have to be the address of the trading business, but it could be.

Once your company has been formed, the law requires the disclosure of UK companies to include your postal address on company letterhead, business correspondence, requests, email messages, and the company's website.

Director / Secretary Address

This is the direction in which authorities such as HMRC or Companies House will send any correspondence with the director or secretary. When considering the directions, you should note that:

  • It will appear on the public record.
  • It can be anywhere in the world.
  • This may be the same as the location of the head office (but need not be).
  • This may be the same as the address of the worker (but note that will appear in public).
  • This could be the corporate address, because it is a complete address.

Each director's secretary may, if they wish, use a different directors service address or they may be one and the same. It is very common for the service address for all officers to be the same as the address of the company headquarters.

The usual residential address of a director

This is simply the address of the director`s house. Remember:

  • It will not be shown publicly.
  • This may be the same as the address of the office (remember that the address of the Office is disclosed on the public record).
  • This may be the same address of the service

Shareholder's mailing address

You must provide an email address, to each of the shareholders (often referred to as customers), of a newly formed company. With each e-mail address of the shareholder, it is important to note that:

  • It will appear on the public record.
  • You do not have to be an ordinary residential address of the shareholder.
  • This may be the same as the address of the headquarters.
  • If the shareholder is also a director and a secretary, then it may be the same as your service address.

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