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Capital Office Helps You Save Time & Streamline Business

Want to know how you can untie yourself from your company telephone and free up some extra time away from your everyday administration tasks?

Want to know how you can give your business image and reputation an instant facelift?

Read on to find out how Capital Office can help you to streamline your business practices, reduce your stress levels, improve your customer service experience, improve your reputation and free up a whole lot of extra time in your day that you can focus on other important business-related tasks that need your attention.

A day in the life of an overworked business owner

I think we have all been here, most small business owners and solo entrepreneurs maybe still are?

9.30 AM: You have a busy day ahead of you. An important business meeting is scheduled for 10am with one of your most valuable clients. You arrive at their offices in plenty of time for your meeting, but to make sure that you don't miss any incoming business calls from potential new customers you have put your business phone on divert to your mobile phone.

For about an hour your mobile phone has been ringing constantly. Somebody is eager to talk to you, but who? Your phone beeps as you get another voice message left to pick up at some point. You become incredibly stressed and frustrated at the thought of all those missed business calls.

Your stress levels are building up....

Have you missed connecting with a new customer that could prove to be even more valuable than the client that you are about to meet today? You don't know.

Have you completely missed out on a lucrative new business contract or large sale because the impatient caller has now gone to your main competition to get what they need? You don't know.

Your business meeting goes as well as you expect, but because you switched your phone to silent, your focus was being distracted by the thought of all those calls being missed.

You feel overwhelmed.....

On your arrival back at your home office or workshop, you notice the pile of unopened mail sitting on your doormat. You let out a huge sigh at the realisation that you are going to need at least an hour to open and sort through your mail before you can go back to focusing on your work and following up on your business meeting.

Meanwhile, you also realise that you have a countless number of phone messages to listen to, note down and respond to. You throw your hands up in defeat knowing that the best part of the rest of the day will be consumed in dealing with all of your administration tasks.

You have a Ground-hog day moment....

You shake your head and rub your stressed brow at the thought that you will have many days just like this.

  • Yes - your administration tasks are important.
  • Yes – you need to open and read your business mail.
  • Yes – you need to answer your business phone calls.
  • Yes – you need to respond swiftly to your statutory mail coming from HMRC and Companies House.

Unfortunately, being so busy trying to manage all of your tasks while dealing with clients doesn't give off a good image. It doesn't instill a lot of confidence or trust from your clients or customers. They will see that by doing business with you they risk their phone calls or important letters being ignored or handled badly.

But how can you do all these tasks and still manage to do the work that you need to get done and build a good reputation for your company at the same time?

Capital Office Complete Virtual Office Solution

At Capital Office, London, we have helped thousands of small business owners and sole traders over the years that seek our help to relieve them of the pressures of coping with their everyday administration tasks.

We understand what it is like to try and juggle dealing with rushed phone calls, hastily written notes and reminders to call someone back, keep on top of your business mail, while at the same time trying to keep your composure in front of your clients to present a professional image.

So, let's take a look at how our Complete Virtual Office services can help you. Here is a breakdown of what's included in the complete package and how each part can help your business to thrive and grow.

Complete Virtual Office London Overview

London based PA’s taking your calls

Firstly and most importantly, you will have our team of London-based native English speaking live PA's taking every single one of your incoming business phone calls. Nothing beats that personal touch of talking to a real person when it comes to delivering top-quality customer services for your business.

Your virtual receptionist will answer your calls with your preferred company greeting and will handle your calls exactly to your instructions. This can include forwarding calls to you or another person in your company, taking a message and forwarding your messages to you via email or text message.

With your professional call answering service, you will benefit from unlimited calls and an 'Out of hours' voicemail to email service so that not a single call is missed, even if they are made outside of your business hours.

Choose a 0207 or 0203 Telephone Number

When you sign up with our service you can choose to keep your existing business telephone number or you can choose a more professional London-based 0207 or 0203 telephone number for your business. You can use your own London-based service number on all of your communications and having a central-London business number will give your business a more professional image.

Impressive London Address

As part of our Complete Virtual Office Service you also get to use a very prestigious central-London address to use for your business. Based in the heart of London's bustling business district, your business address can be used on all of your company paperwork and will help to build a strong business image and more professionalism around your business name.

If you are running your business from home or from a small base that doesn't have any suitable meeting facilities for you to conduct important business meetings with your clients, then you can also benefit from Free EC1 Meeting Room Use in our London city offices.

We have modern, well equipped, unbranded meeting rooms that you can use to impress your clients or have a convenient place to hold a meeting in London with good transportation hubs. You may run your business from anywhere in the country, but it may be difficult for your business clients or B2B partners to reach you easily. London is pretty accessible from anywhere, so our professional meeting rooms are an ideal venue for your important business meetings.

Forward / Scan / Collect your mail

By using our Complete Virtual Office Services you will benefit from having all of your incoming business mail directed to our offices in London. Our highly experienced team of mail sorters will take care of all your incoming business mail and you can decide how you would like your mail handled, including:

  • Collected together and forwarded to an address of your choosing (including an overseas address) on a regular schedule
  • Open, scan and email you a copy
  • Save your mail to be collected by yourself in person from our London offices
  • Packets and parcels signed for

The great thing about our mail handling service is that you get unlimited letters included in one low price of our combined package. You will save money by using our Complete Virtual Office Service rather than buying these services separately.

Under 60 Second Sign up

The great thing about our complete package is that it takes seconds to sign up for and your service can go live immediately, or at a time of your choosing. You can easily book with a secure online payment and start to benefit straight away.

So, if you want to streamline your business, take the stress out of having to cope with your daily administration tasks, never miss a business call again, give your company a professional business makeover and free up your precious time to dedicate more productively, then sign up today!

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