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January 13, 2015
May 5, 2021


Communicate clearly and achieve your goals

Comunication is one of the most important assets of companies, not only for purposes of attraction and interaction with their customers but to fulfill organisational goals.If communication in companies is poor, it is likely that the performance of its work force decreases and thus, makes it impossible to achieve their goals.According to recent data by Manpower and DDI, only 10% of managers are able to communicate clearly the direction of their company`s.To reverse this trend, we present some key rules for men and women in business, just like you, to communicate with colleagues successfully:- Be responsible. To communicate better you must first understand how they currently operate. From this, identify errors and change habits.- Evaluate the usefulness of meetings. You have to check if the meetings with your employees really meet their objectives and find out if there are other more effective mechanisms to confront results and present ideas.- Be clear. When you indicate your expectations and opinions, they should be understandable; otherwise your collaborators would have to read your mind, which is unlikely.- Listen and act. To settle any dispute or problem with your team or your clients, you must learn to listen and then expose your opinion, all for the sake of making good decisions. If you're doing something wrong and your employees identify it, it is not bad to receive feedback.- Rely on your instincts. As a business leader, the worst thing you can do is hide and avoid talking with others. Trust yourself and build a sense of trust in your partners. So you will be more influential.- Avoid arguments. Be open and honest when communicating with others. This doesn't mean you need to stay sat on the fence, but don`t overstep the limits of respect.- Look for solutions, not those who are guilty. The problems are not solved by finding those responsible, it is also essential to work on creating solutions to these conflicts.- Convert errors in progress. Failure helps you learn to identify your flaws, resolve and prevent them from happening again. This is a central key to success.- Specify. Remove generalisations from your language; personalise your message and avoid assumptions. The more clear you are, the more effectively your message will be received.Capital Office Your Virtual Office London are a leading business support provider. We provide business and administrative support services including call answering, mail forwarding and company formation.

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