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How a virtual office can benefit your business

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How a virtual office can benefit your business

How a virtual office can benefit your business

When you are just starting out in business, it can often be difficult to project the right image to your peers and customers. Of course you want to be taken seriously, and you want to convey a feeling of trust and reliability to your customers and other businesses in your sector. But how do you go about it if you have no track record, or you are a very small company with only a handful of employees?The virtual office concept is worth considering when you are looking to establish a professional corporate image for your start-up. The great thing about this is that you can go down this route without breaking the bank!

Less hassle than the real thing

With a virtual office you don't need to lease or purchase any real office space. There is no need to worry about negotiating leaseholds or arranging insurance, no concerns about upgrading IT infrastructures or hiring fit-out contractors to remodel your working environment, and no large utility bills to pay at the end of each month.A virtual office can give your company that essential professional corporate feel without you having to do any of the legwork yourself!

Improve your image

Your customers or business clients will have a perception that a company needs its own office, live phone support, and all the usual trappings of a legitimate business operation. However, we all know that the costs involved in running a physical office can soon eat into your budget, and diving into this sort of set-up is often too much of a commitment for a new start-up business.However, the option of a virtual office you can have all the luxuries of a serious business operation without any of the ongoing costs of running a physical office. What's more, a virtual office provides a cost-effective way for new start-up business to gain credibility in their sector, as well looking just like a reliable major corporation to their customers.

Is a virtual office real?

A virtual office is not something that is invisible or doesn't actually exist in the real world. These are real, functioning offices staffed with live humans that will work for your company. For a very reasonable price, you can get a dedicated business line with a live assistant that will answer all you incoming telephone calls. You will get a professional business postal address, dedicated fax line and personalised voice-mail services for outside standard office hours.For a new start-up business or entrepreneur, a virtual office can offer them a way to grow and develop their business while at the same time keeping their overheads low, and cultivating a professional image and reputation for their business. The money saved on running a physical office can be reinvested back into the business, helping the company bottom line and improving their chances to acquire financing for future growth.

The benefits of a virtual office

Here are some pointers about how a virtual office can benefit your business:

  1. A dedicated phone line with your own business number
  2. Your own live receptionist to take your calls
  3. A professional business address
  4. Mail forwarding services
  5. Personalised after hours voice mail service
  6. Modern Business Meeting Rooms and Venues In Central London
  7. Registered Office Address services

Many virtual office services will also offer you the use of business meeting rooms for meeting clients and conducting presentations etc. Your Virtual Office for example offers high quality unbranded air-conditioned meeting room spaces in central London that are fully functional and equipped with full rapid speed fibre optic Wi-Fi and cabled Internet solutions. These are great options for one-off or regular client interactions, and all bookings include complimentary refreshments including water, tea and coffee.Hiring a meeting room as and when you need it can be a useful way to stay in control of your budget, while still being able to impress important clients and business people that you are considering partnering up with. The virtual office staff will give the impression that these are your permanent offices, and you will get full use of all the facilities provided, including fibre broadband, secure phone and conferences call facilities, and a professional receptionist to meet and greet your clients in your absence should you be delayed for any reason.As you can see from the above information, hiring virtual office support can offer a great alternative for new businesses to establish their reputation, convey a feeling of professional trust to their clients or customers and save themselves a small fortune in having to take a leasehold on their own physical property.It doesn't matter what size of business you run, from a single person working from home, to a growing business without a permanent base, a virtual office can help you keep to your tight budget while looking and operating like a large corporation.

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