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How to use PR and Marketing with your SME

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How to use PR and Marketing with your SME

How to use PR and Marketing with your SME

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), creating a public relations (PR) plan and efficient marketing represents a challenge, if not an impossibility, given the budget constraints and inexperience in the business world.However, all is not lost for new companies as they can implement some actions to attract potential customers, spread their offerings, increase base consumers and gain reputation, without decapitalising.

Would you like to know how? Here we present them:

1. Strengthen ties with your customers via e-mail. Be sure to keep your customers informed on current events involving your business and your new products. The key to maximizing this is to nurture your mailing list and be informative as well as using engaging content.2. Connect with your consumers on Social Media. Social media harnesses invaluable components of a solid marketing strategy. In addition to spreading your offers, these digital platforms allow you to interact with your users and get the feedback you need.In parallel with the use of social networks, think about building a website to help you strengthen your online presence and gain visibility. With a website list you can perform various actions, such as the application of SEO techniques for search engine optimisation and links to other sites.3. Using blogs for branding. Creating a blog will help you expand the scope of your brand in the digital world and establish ties with digital "influencers", who can offer you a space on their sites. This will be an important source of advertising for your company, without using your capital.4. Join in with online conversation. Try and use management tools and monitoring of digital presences, in order to manage content and publications according to your needs, and eliminate traditional dissemination practices.5. Maintain a relationship with the press. Ask some media to cover your events and launches. Maybe some will reject your invitation, but there will always be some stakeholders in the development of companies like yours.If you are thinking about starting a business our range of mail address services which include virtual offices can be a great way of boosting your presence.

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