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November 17, 2015
May 5, 2021


Is it time your business went Virtual?

Will virtual offices take over how our office workforce operate? They are certainly on the increase, so the possibility of this is not out of the question. In addition to reducing and eliminating costs such as electricity, telephone and rent, a virtual office keeps employees happier and lets them decide when to start their workday and not have to face the traffic. A virtual office can generate savings of up to 60%, but for this service to prove successful, it is not recommended to completely eliminate a physical space.

How does it differ?

You have access to a business centre, which you can use as you require, whether it is a common lounge area as a business, or you can take a shared or a private office. The terms and requirements vary and are incredibly flexible. Obviously the price changes, but what you will have is the ability to work in a comfortable office space and not have your meetings or work time in an internet café. With the virtual option, you have freedom, the office chairs are not for you to stay in eight hours a day. Having access to network in a business centre is much safer, and the image you give to your customers is one of definite professionalism.

How does a virtual office work?

With a virtual office, you have a proper direction to take, because you can take all your business cards and your stationery to the business centre; you can also take this as an address for your correspondence referred to as a London mail forwarding address; you have someone to answer all your calls on behalf of your business; you get a private telephone number that is only yours, is not a switch, and that can respond the way you indicate and then spend all calls to anywhere, to your mobile phone, your home etc.Whatever way works for you to stay in touch with your customers can be achieved by having a virtual office. The hours of your office time are flexible. Want to work through the night? No problem, many virtual offices are available 24 hours a day.

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

Many people do not realise that a virtual office in London may be the solution to their cost control. First, you cut all the fixed costs of having someone inside a building, and your employee is much happier because you simplify your mobility and can decide where to work from, (either home or virtual office.)Productivity increases when people are happy; about 70% of companies are planning to move to this way of working, because technology is making it not only achievable, but profitable and more enjoyable too.The companies will be able to save and give freedom to their employees; and in the past, another issue was that paper files, folders and documents had to reside from one fixed location. It was not possible to simply move the computer around, but now all that has changed and you can be connected at any time of day.

Tips for Managers

Managers do get a little afraid because they think the employee is going to stop working earlier or the employee will devote time to a longer lunch instead of working, but there are several tips to make the most of the service.The main mistake is that if the virtual office is not well managed, there comes a time when the employee may feel alienated and begin to have communication problems. To prevent this, you mustn’t handle everything by email, but pick up the phone, have weekly meetings, gather people from time to time, go and visit with respect, show that you trust them. The last thing they want is to feel like they are shirking their duties. Try to be very clear with the information because they often have no visual contact and so sometimes an indication can be misinterpreted. In summary, you must not fail to have a personal contact, even if they are virtual and/or mobile.

How will customers benefit?

What you’ll receive is a very professional looking office, at whatever size you require. So whether you need an entire floor, pretty pictures at customer reception, offices of different sizes for one person, or three to an entire team, with windows, without windows, rooms together or partitioned, the options are limitless.You’ll be able to give the customer a place to come the moment you sign the contract; you won’t have to worry about installing the Internet, hiring a secretary or telephone line because that will all be taken care of. Important details right down to the smaller particulars like being able to serve a cup of coffee, will all be arranged because when you start working in a virtual office there won’t be anything left to chance.And that's what will happen. Checking for the availability of rooms, a meeting space, office cleaning etc. All those details will be made for you so that your business will not be interrupted. The best way of summing up the service would be that your office will be managed, leaving you to manage your business.

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