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March 30, 2015
May 5, 2021


Network your way to a successful business

For an entrepreneur, networking (i.e. creating a network of personal contacts) is very important for long term success. Even if your project is 100% online, you should not reject the idea of personally meeting other professionals - it has many advantages for the new business owner. Its important you network the right way, Forbes produced some tips on networking.

We trust who we know

One of the main benefits of networking is to enter a circle of trust of like-minded people. It's very simple: between a stranger and a person you know, the chances are you're going to trust the one you`ve made a connection with. Therefore, in the medium term, having a wide network of contacts will improve your chances of getting customers, partners, strategic suppliers, and various collaborations.

It is very easy to build a network

Anyone can network; it boils down to motivation and perseverance. Look to directories for similar companies to your own. Commit to visiting relevant industry exhibitions or conferences and lectures about your own business line. Opening the doors to communication often opens the doors to success, so share stories and gain valuable knowledge from others who have experience too. Make sure you take their contact details down to create a bond of trust. You never know when you might need their advice!

It is timeless

A network of contacts is always useful. This is because even if you change your occupation, many of the people you've known previously will remain of interest. And eventually others also are changing in their respective careers, so you'll have access to other sectors very naturally.You don`t have to go looking for a short-term outcome with networking. Just know what you're doing and let collaboration opportunities arise between people.

A source of motivation

Starting, consolidating and maintaining a business is a difficult task, especially if you undertake it alone. It is normal to pass through phases of discouragement. Having a network of contacts allows you to exchange these times with others, see that you are not the only one with concerns. It offers a change of scenery, advice, and to help recover lost motivation.

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