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Not Ready to Retire? Best Franchises for Baby Boomers

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Not Ready to Retire? Best Franchises for Baby Boomers

Not Ready to Retire? Best Franchises for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Now that many have reached retirement age, their need and desire to continue working has increased. By the year 2030, roughly 20-percent of the population will be baby boomers. Opening franchises in an industry that interests the individual often produces better results since there is more drive to succeed.


Franchising with Promedica24 is ideal for those wishing to enter the senior care sector. The program is structured to place live-in caregivers with clients to assist with daily tasks, appointments, housecleaning and managing their health. Having a live-in caregiver gives families of loved ones with diminishing mobility and/or health issues a bit of peace-of-mind knowing that someone is with their loved one at all times.


Internet-based franchise businesses are ideal for baby boomers. Eazi-Apps teaches those interested in marketing a new mobile application from the development to launch phases and beyond. For those that require more flexibility and the ability to be creative, mobile applications are ideal. Baby boomers can easily design apps for those in their generation to add convenience to their lives. Apps created by those for a specific generation by that generation have greater success since those creating it have experienced the issues requiring the need for the app.

No Need to Paint

Painting is something that many homeowners and business owners just do not have time to do themselves. Operating a professional painting franchise is a good option as both residential and commercial properties require painting from time-to-time. This is often the case when homes/businesses are bought and sold and require décor changes.This is an ideal option for a baby boomer that wants to own a franchise and have the label of business owner without all of the responsibility. A general manager should be sufficient for day-to-day operations. The general manager would answer to you (the business owner) with any issues and updates on the dealings of the business. Transparency is a must between you and your general manager so that you (the baby boomer) can enjoy your life and still receive an income.

Business Doctors

Coaching and mentoring new business owners is a lucrative way to work for yourself and own a franchise. This is an ideal option for those that wish to work with small and medium businesses in a variety of industries to help efficiency, productivity and strategic marketing tactics to increase revenues and improve overall business operations.Working in business consultancy helps struggling companies adopt rules, regulations and structure to improve operations. Safety concerns can also be addressed and the consultant (you) would help implement proper safety protocols.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor has over 400 franchised locations throughout the world. Private tutoring offers struggling students the one-on-one attention they need to grasp what is being taught in the classroom. Each student is paired with a tutor that specializes in the area of study they struggle most in. Lessons are made to adapt to each child’s style of learning to ensure that they excel in the classroom.Services like this are easily franchised as the benefits of the flexible learning techniques catches on. Testimonials from satisfied parents and students help a small tutoring business gain attention, build a reputation and grow.

Coldwell Banker

Franchising with Coldwell Banker is a good option for those interested in working in the real estate industry. This brand is well-recognized and has a strong reputation around the world. A franchise opportunity here means that the realtors working in your office may have more success than those working independently simply due to the brand’s name and long history in the industry. Realtors work with residential and commercial property buyers and sellers for a variety of reasons from those looking to start a new business venture to those looking to begin a family in a home of their own.

Final Thoughts

After working for someone else their entire lives, many baby boomers want to venture into new territory. Many are not ready to stop working or their financial requirements require continuous income. Franchises are ideal because these businesses come with guidelines already in place. It is easier to start-up a well-developed franchise than a ground-floor business. It is important to select a franchise, or new business in an industry that interests you for better success.

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