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August 5, 2014
May 5, 2021


A professional image is the key for your fledglings business success

In business, professional image is the key to your success. Many more people are now taking the plunge and starting a new business venture within the comforts of their own home. The internet has made starting a company a simple process and operating a business from home even easier.What many of the start-ups in our own experience frequently overlook is the information required during the formation of a new Limited Company. Key details such a registered office address, director`s details and even shareholders details can often be confirmed without properly thinking about the ramifications of the details provided to Companies House.Most new business start-ups have not been through the company formation process before and such terminologies as a registered office address can be overlooked. It is important to understand that any details provided on formation will be permanently on public records.

Security and peace of mind

Using our London mail forwarding service with a registered office address has many benefits for your company. Firstly we have to imagine what would happen if you were to use your own residential address for your business. Many of our business clients always intend to provide the best possible service to their own customers, however as the business grows so will the potential for possibility of a disgruntled customer. We have had many scare stories where customers have turned up at a person`s house to discuss something very trivial, they managed to obtain the residential address via a company search online. You can imagine how awkward this could be if it`s unexpected and you were at home with your family.Our London mail forwarding address and registered office provides you with a safe and secure service that keeps your residential address of public record. This means there is no chance of customers turning up as and when it suits them. It gives you peace of mind and helps you to concentrate on providing the best possible service to your clients.

A professional image is the key for your fledglings` business success

Clients are becoming very aware that more and more businesses are operating from home. Many potential customers will do their homework first, and looking at where your business is operating from is part of their process. If you have a residential street address on your website then most customers will have a look at where you are trading from. Again a customer is more likely to go with an established larger company as this provides security over a small one man band operating from home. Our London mail forwarding address service is designed to give the smaller business an equal footing, it makes your company appear well established.Our London address is located in a prestigious location in central London. Using an established address in the heart of London can help persuade those clients who may have been reluctant to purchase from you due to knowing you were operating out of a residential address.

Why use Your Virtual Office London?

Your Virtual Office London have been providing leading expert advice to small businesses since 1971. Having started out as a company formation agent in City Road where Companies House were once based, our services have since grown to provide a more complete package for our clients.We understand starting a company is an important step, often a milestone in one`s personal life, and that we are here to ensure you do things correctly. Using our experience we can help guide you through the formation process and help provide guidance on the supplementary services that we provide to our clients.Our mail forwarding and registered office can be combined with a director`s service address to provide complete anonymity for peace of mind. Further into your businesses life span you may require professional advice for accounting, we have trained qualified accountants who can help talk plain English to you about the requirement`s HMRC set out for Ltd companies.Whatever your need, get in touch today, we are always happy to help.

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