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October 27, 2014
May 5, 2021


How to properly greet people

It is always important to greet people in a positive way to create the right impression. Of course, you should take special care to people who you have not seen or met before. Wether you have a virtual office or a mailing address you will still need to ensure when you meet a client for the first time you properly engage. First impressions are everything and something as simple as a greeting can have a lasting impression on your client.You want to get people in the mood to attend the meeting. For this to happen, it is important to make everyone feel at ease. Some participants may have had a stressful journey. Keep this in mind and be as careful as possible, and be sure to comply with professional standards. The following tips may be helpful to you:

Warm smile

A smile can go a long way to get a first meet just right. Shy people can fully appreciate a smile, even if they are about to enter the room for a family reunion. What's more, you can give them the confidence to perform well in the session. If you're a little unsure, practice your smile alone.

Eye contact

Eye contact is essential when welcoming someone new. However, it is important to not stare - you do not want anyone to feel embarrassed. If people feel inhibited before the start of the meeting, their nervousness may limit their participation to the detriment of the results of the meeting.

Shake hands firmly if necessary

A firm handshake may be a reasonable way to greet someone. However, not everyone likes this kind of contact; therefore adapt your behaviour to the situation that is before you. Also, see how to approach the person; do not feel tempted to sneak up on them, as this may have an effect that was not intended.

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