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UK Cities should invest in creating their own green energy

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UK Cities should invest in creating their own green energy

UK Cities should invest in creating their own green energy

UK cities should invest in energy product including increased green energy to help compete with main energy suppliers in the UK.A think tank has suggested that cities could really benefit from renewable energy, helping to drive down costs. Energy UK, which represents energy supplies said customers would welcome more competition. More competition would result in lower prices and a more competitive market.Cities account for two thirds of the worlds total energy consumption. They also contribute over 70% of global C02 pollution emissions.Cities should invest in local power generation technologies such as solar panels and wind farms on a smaller scale. This would completely change the way the energy supply system operates. This would help smaller producers provide customers with energy ending the big power companies` dominance which can lead to higher prices.In Bristol, the local authorities have plans to setup and install a large one gigawatt of solar panels by 2020. Aberdeen is planning to run buses on hydrogen from using the local wind farms spare energy production.Britain has a long way to go, but authorities are starting to understand that they now have a role in green energy production. More competition in the energy market is great for the customers and everyone will see benefits, from cleaner air with less pollution to cheaper energy bills.If you like this business economy news blog, you can read more on our blog page. Your Virtual Office London, leaders in professional services for small businesses.

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