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Business Telephone Answering Services London

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Business Telephone Answering Services London

Business Telephone Answering Services London

Many London-based businesses find that using a professional telephone answering service, such as the one provided by Capital Office in London, to be very beneficial in many ways. Like most things in the capital city, the costs associated with starting up and sustaining a business in London can often far exceed the costs paid in other less expensive areas of the UK.

One way to keep your business running costs down is by taking advantage of the services offered by a professional business call answering service. Luckily, London is home to one of the best call answering services in the country and offers businesses of all sizes the help they need to significantly reduce their overheads while at the same time maintaining a very high level of customer service and customer satisfaction.

How can your business call answering service save me money?

Well to put it in plain English, your business gets to benefit from a full-time receptionist answering every single incoming business call you receive without you actually having to employ any staff or provide an office or reception area for them to work from.

Using virtual office services such as these can save you thousands of pounds because your business will no be paying out to cover the wages of any reception or office staff. You will also be saving a lot of money on office rent, utility bills, IT infrastructure and equipment costs.

When you think that the average salary for a London-based receptionist on a full-time employment contract is in the region of £25,000 per annum, by choosing to use a professional call answering service for your business instead will be making you an instant saving of thousands of pounds. This is an obvious saving, but when you add on all the extra savings from not having to include office rental, IT and telephony-related equipment, power, heating and water bills etc. it makes so much sense to go with a virtual service provider that can deliver you the professional services you need at a remarkably low price.

Why choose Capital Office Call Answering Services?

With our professional business call answering services, you get to benefit from our services immediately. Think of the time you will be saving not having the hassle of finding your own receptionist – from paying for a job advertisement, sorting through job applications, short-listing candidates, going through the interview process and finally appointing the best candidate.

In most cases, you may also have to wait while your new employee serves out their notice at their previous employment before they can even start working for you. Then you need to provide your receptionist with an office to work from and the equipment needed to answer your calls. You also need to work out an employment contract, work out National Insurance contributions, pension payments and holiday entitlements etc.

Instead of all this hassle, why not simply save yourself a lot of time by booking our professional call answering services. There are no setup fees involved and instead of waiting around for weeks, you get to benefit from our services from day one. You can directly benefit from the services of a fully qualified and experienced telephone receptionist at the fraction of the cost of employing your own.

How does your call answering service work?

Our friendly staff at Capital Office can quickly and smoothly set up your fully personalised call answering service the same day. We will need to know your preferred greeting so that your virtual receptionist can answer your calls exactly as you like.

You will get your own unique London based telephone number that you can use as your own, or if you want to keep your existing business number, you can choose to have your calls diverted to your personally issued new number.

Our professional call answering team will recognise your telephone number and will be able to answer your incoming business calls swiftly, politely and efficiently. Your callers will get to hear a professionally trained receptionist answer their call and they will never know they are speaking to anyone other than an in-house staff member.

Your callers will also interact directly with a real human being, so this means they will not be put off by being greeted with an automated answering service or a robotic recorded message. In reality, our London-based call answering staff are a friendly team of real-world receptionist with many years of collective experience!

You can tell us exactly how to handle your incoming business calls and what you want us to do with them. For example, you may want us to log every incoming call and take messages that can be passed on to you later in the day. Or you may prefer us to filter your calls and only put through genuine calls directly to you from existing customers or B2B clients.

Your business callers will never know

Because our team of dedicated virtual receptionists are all professionally trained and have plenty of experience, your existing and prospective customers will be delivered with a very high level of customer service. Their call will be answered quickly with your preferred greeting and dealt with accordingly. This can include being directed to one of your staff members as appropriate, a message taken and relayed either immediately or at a convenient time as dictated by yourself via either text message or email so you can call them back at a time that is more convenient.

Having a real-life human answering your phone calls creates a much better first impression of your business than being greeted by an answering machine. You may consider using an answering machine to take your calls and messages while you are otherwise engaged, but research has shown that a high percentage of first-time business callers are put off by encountering an answering machine. Most callers either put the phone down without leaving a message and never bother to call back, or they will leave a message and then worry that they will never be called back.

The reassurance of speaking to an actual person on the end of the line can make all the difference. Callers are much more happy to leave messages with a real receptionist and are more confident that their message will get through to the right person and be called back accordingly.

This is a much better plan of action to take for the success of your business than sitting and listening to the playback on your answering machine only to hear many callers immediately hang up on hearing the message. Research shows that as many as seven out of ten business callers do just this when met with an answering machine. To you that can mean you are missing out on up to 70% of potential new customers coming to you via your business phone. Can you really afford to lose so many potential new customers to the coldness and detachment of an answering machine?

Sounds too good to be true!

You may be wondering if there is any catch to our call answering services. The truth is that there are none! It is so much simpler, quicker, cheaper and less hassle to use a good call answering service such as ours for the following reasons as well as the ones already mentioned above:

  • No more cold callers: As your calls are screened by our service, you will never be disturbed by cold callers wanting to sell you something.
  • Privacy and protection: Your home telephone number will be kept private, this is especially important for those small business owners that work from home.
  • No interruptions: You don't need to break your concentration or interrupt a business meeting with a client to constantly answer your incoming business calls.
  • Higher productivity: When you need to get your head down and get a work project completed in peace or to meet a tight deadline, you can get great peace of mind knowing that your calls are being answered.

Capital Office London can deliver you with a professional unlimited call answering service at an incredibly cost-effective price, especially when you compare prices against hiring your own in-house staff.

Our professional call answering service can help your business to grow in so many ways and free up your cash flow to reinvest back into your business instead of spending it on expensive overheads.

To get a clear idea of how our call answering services can help you, watch our quick video or contact our friendly team at Capital Office to discuss your business needs and how our flexible service can help you.

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