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What is a Directors service address? How can it help me?

Many people ask us what the main difference is between our registered office address, mail forwarding London service and the directors service address option. Each service we provide has marked differences and meet with the needs of professional business people in different ways.A director's service address for example is for directors of a Limited Company who would prefer to keep their personal address private by not having it listed at Companies House and put on the public register as the directors service (main contact) address.This simply means that when a member of the public searches for your company details via the Companies House public database, they can find out your company details, such as ownership structure and contact address details for the directors. Many clients are often unaware of just how much information is available online through the Companies House public register.Using our Directors Service Address will keep your residential address protected and completely separate from your business address. People can of course also search for where the company is registered (this is called a registered office address).Our directors service address also allows you to change the contact address for your director to our prestigious London address in City Road. More information on directors services can be read directly from the Companies House website.

What are the benefits of using our Directors Service address?

  • Protects your residential address from public records
  • Stops unwanted callers contacting you at your home, including junk mail & customers
  • Prestigious London address that looks like a more professional address
  • Very affordable

How is the Directors Service Address different from a Registered Office Address or mail forwarding address?

Registered Office Address

Our Registered Office Address package is similar to a directors service address where by you are changing your business address details at companies house. However this will update your registered office address to the one provided by Your Virtual Office London. Having a registered office address that is based in the heart of London can convey a level of professionalism that will help you to be taken seriously by both clients and business partners alike.

Mail Forwarding

Our mail forwarding address service is different yet again from the above mentioned address services. With this service we provide you with an address for your business correspondence only. So your clients would use your mail forwarding address as your trading address.You would then be able to update your correspondence address details on your websites, business cards, and stationery etc. to reflect your new London based mail forwarding address. The idea behind having a forwarding address is to give your clients the impression that you are based in London at a prestigious city address. First impressions are very important in business and this service can really help to boost your credibility and therefore your sales.This service is also useful for safely diverting all your business correspondence while you are moving premises and you are worried that important mail may get lost, delayed or sent to the wrong address.You can find out more about our professional business address services here.

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