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June 20, 2014
May 5, 2021


Do I need business banking for my business?

When you are forming a limited company it is normally required that you open a business bank account. Luckily, Capital Office can provide you with fast track business banking via our professional business banking partner, Barclays.Keeping your business banking separate from your personal banking will make it much easier for you to manage your business cashflow. You will not risk getting business and private transactions mixed up and you will also be able to work out your tax liability at the end of the year without trying to work out if each transaction you made over the year was for business or personal use.The great advantage about using Barclays for your business banking is that they have a fast track option, so we will pass over your details and you can have a bank account up and running within 1 week. Normally business banking elsewhere can take much longer than this. Capital Office pride ourselves in offering the most crucial services that a fledgling business would need when starting up their company, this includes bespoke website design, business banking, mail forwarding, professional telephone call answering specifically tailored to suit your business needs and virtual office services.The business banking service we offer in Partnership with Barclays is a fast track service which is only offered through Capital Office. We aim to get our clients an account setup within 1 week - a lot of normal business bank accounts can take up to 4 weeks to set up and be made available, not many start-up businesses can afford to wait that long, so if you need an account setup quickly, try our specialised fast-track business banking service.Capital Office can also offer you a London Office address with Mail Forwarding, a Registered Office Address service for all your important mail from HMRC and Companies House, and a Directors Service Address to help keep your residential dress off the public register. This can help greatly with a banking application as you can use your prestigious London Address as the registered office address for your business.Capital Office also specialise in Company formations, so if you need to set up a Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Charity, or any other type such as offshore, Capital Office have the experience and knowledge to guide you.Contact Capital Office now for all your business needs.

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