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Guide to Call Answering Service

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Guide to Call Answering Service

Guide to Call Answering Service

Whether you have physical premises or are an online business, offering ways for customers to contact you is always important. The more options you offer, the happier customers will be but the greatest number will still choose to contact you via the telephone. But answering these calls isn’t always the easier thing, and important or valuable calls can often be missed.You may have to work remotely for a time where accessing a phone network is impossible, or you may spend a large amount of your time in business meetings, conferences and demonstrations where it would be inconvenient for you to take your calls. This is why Capital Office offer a trustworthy and convenient solution for you in our personalised call answering service.

Professional service

For many businesses, being able to have their calls answered promptly in a professional manner is a huge benefit for their reputation and their bottom line. When you are a small business or perhaps have a busy workplace where phone calls are difficult to take, having someone away from the premises to answer your calls can be a crucial part of your customer service plan. Therefore, we created our call answering service for just this reason.Our call answering service offers unlimited call volumes and the calls are answered in your own business’s name. This means customers don’t realise they are ringing a call answering service but think they are speaking to the company receptionist or your personal secretary.All the conversations are kept private and run through a secure system so there’s no concern about customers divulging personal or financial data. Sales calls can be taken and any important calls forwarded to a mobile number of your choice to continue the conversion yourself.The team answering your calls are based in our London offices and absolutely no outsourcing is used. Outside of business hours there is a customised voice mail service available to take your calls 24 hours a day and you can choose your own greeting for this as well as how your calls are answered. Once a call has been answered, it can also be forwarded to your business phone system and there is a private pin protected message service so that only you and your chosen employees can access messages.

Why use the service

As well as offering the professional call handling service that every business needs, our call answering service also screens calls to save you precious time. Sales calls from other businesses are a part of every day life and may be of some interest to you, but often come at the wrong time. Sometimes these calls may not be ones that you are interested in taking. Using our call service allows you to have these calls screened and either forwarded or rearranged as required.All of our call handlers are native English speakers and will have enough basic background information about your business to be able to conduct a polite and professional conversation with your callers. This means that our service offers the highest standard of professionalism and practicality while saving you the cost of having a full-time permanent secretary or receptionist working on your premises.

Setting up the service

Setting up your call answering service couldn't be simpler! You can set up the service by completing the online form. We have different packages available to suit your requirements, ranging from one to twelve month deals so you can use the service for as long as you require.The set up process takes around 5 minutes and once payment is complete, your personalised call answering service starts within one working day. We will also collect information about your business and all the relevant forwarding data we need. A unique 0207 or 0203 number will be allocated for you to issue to your clients and to use on your contact media, and we will give you your message pin and other essential data immediately.

Full Call Answering Features

  • Unlimited Volume of Calls
  • No Hidden Call charges
  • Calls taken in your name
  • Choose your own greeting
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • No Setup Fees
  • Private & Confidential
  • Instant Activation – Start Using Today
  • Completely private and secure for all clients
  • Unique 0207 or 0203 London Number
  • Professional Call Handling
  • Forward Calls to your mobile
  • Caller questions answered
  • Sales calls taken
  • London Based PA
  • Can take number with you
  • Native English Speakers
  • Calls Screened
  • Award Winning Service
  • Real London based team – no outsourcing
  • Messages forwarded onto you
  • Calls routed live to your phone after PA handling
  • 24 Hours customised voice mail
  • Private Pin Protected Messages

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