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Is your business taking advantage of e-commerce?

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Is your business taking advantage of e-commerce?

Is your business taking advantage of e-commerce?

Between 2009 and 2013, e-commerce has more than doubled. It has long since ceased to be a marginal sales channel, and has been integrated into our lives naturally. Even television ads now include many spots for all types of digital services. But how do you manage profit from this growth?

A market that continues to grow strongly

According to data, E-commerce has grown 22% more than the previous year. In all the years during the recession, the sector's growth has been in double digits. The lowest growth year (2009) still grew by 11%. This is proof that if you haven`t already, you should be getting in on some of the e-commerce slice.

There is scope for more

E-commerce still has the potential to quadruple in size given the current growth rates seen. The scope for e-commerce remains vast and as smartphone technology only increases, so too does the expectation of e-commerce as a mobile friendly facility. The trick is for you to take advantage of this and go one better than your competitors – don`t settle for second best, spend the extra money on getting a truly unique and fluid e-commerce platform up and running for your website.

Being present on the Internet is very simple

Today, there are no excuses. Anyone can start a website, the only thing stopping them are excuses. You don`t need a programmer to sort out your online business presence anymore. There are companies that provide you a hosting service with tools that allow anyone to create a site without technical knowledge. Even having a “turnkey” site and not having an online store with specific services will make life easier.

E-commerce has changed the way we buy

When I see that my parents' generation have become accustomed to looking for a product on Amazon and buy it online, I realise how far we have come in recent years. I still remember the sceptical comments when I bought my first airline tickets online many years ago. The forms of consumption have changed a lot, so it's important to have this in mind for the business you're thinking about promoting.

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