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How to make your company greener

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How to make your company greener

How to make your company greener

A responsible approach to the environment for businesses can be very positive in terms of trade. But it is also important for a company to achieve its objectives in terms of practical green measures.If you are responsible for an SME, it is possible that you`re not too sure how to help people and the planet. It can be a steep learning curve, but if these important tips are taken on board, you will start in the right direction for your business and beyond:

Use the right type of office

If you decide on the right solution for an office then it will be very beneficial for you in terms of ecology. Serviced offices are ideal, because you can see easily if you are in a building with the requirements of environmental protection. You want somewhere that uses a good amount of insulation, as it can keep your bills down. Also, try to find a place that does not require major changes for the majority of their employees, as long trips may have a negative impact on the environment, in particular.

Save energy, if possible

Leaving the computer on while it is not in use can lose a lot of valuable and expensive energy. It's a clever move to buy power strips for suitable IT facilities. Further energy minimisation can be achieved by using special IT configurations as well.

Avoid using plastic cups

Plastic cups might seem ideal for those that would rather not do the washing up. However, the disposal of such items is difficult from the point of view of the environment, because their use involves needless waste. Instead, you should think about buying traditional mugs and consider the implementation of a dishwasher.

Moving towards being a green company

Moving to a new office can be a stressful process. However, it is not recommended for businesses to forget their impact on the environment while moving, because it would be ineffective.If you take the necessary precautions, then a relocation of the company can enable you to make a positive start from the outset. Not only this, but if you are careful about the natural world, it can save you money.Smooth relocations can be positive in several different ways, and you should look at the following tips if you want to continue being sensitive to environmental issues:

Plan your move carefully

Poorly planned moves are not usually green. You should start planning early enough to do it right. It should not be you alone who does all the planning. Allow some of the rest of the team to share your burden. If errors are minimised at the planning stage, it will bode well for the future.

Assess how green the removal company is

Before a transaction is made with the removals firm to carry items to the office, check their environmental footprint. If they have evidence of keeping a tight rein on carbon dioxide emissions, it may suggest that it may be reliable in other respects too.

Recycling of any waste

Moving offices can generate a lot of waste and rubbish. You may want to rush back to work when the removal is done, but do not neglect the possibility of recycling on return - keep up the good habits on a daily basis and let your team be aware of all the methods for keeping your company greener.

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