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When do i purchase a registered office address?

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When do i purchase a registered office address?

When do i purchase a registered office address?

When do I buy a registered office address for my company?

A registered office address can be purchased at any time during your Limited Companies life time. However we always recommend that if you are forming a Limited Company yourself, that you register your company address with our London office service in advance.There is good reason why we recommend purchasing the registered office before forming a company at Companies House for good reason; it will save you time and keep any private addresses of public record.When you register a company for the first time at Companies House, they legally require you to state where your companies registered office is located. If you don`t have a registered office address service, then you will normally place your residential address in this section. This information will be stored permanently on public record which can be searched at any time by anyone via Companies House web check system. Even if you decide to change your registered office address at a later date, the search will still show the change of address and will list your original address on record.Many of our clients use our registered office address service to keep their residential address private and off searchable records, so its thoroughly recommend that you purchase our service before forming a Limited Company.

Benefits of using our registered office address.

  1. All statutory mail is forwarded to any location worldwide for free
  2. Receive HMRC post at this address
  3. Mail can be collected from our offices
  4. Completely private and confidential
  5. Prestigious London address available
  6. Instant creditability for your prospective clients

Why you wouldn`t want to use your residential address

  1. Unwanted callers could turn up
  2. Junk Mail
  3. Legal action aimed at you residential address

Your Virtual Office London is leading expert in company formations and supplementary services for both Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. If you would like further advice on our registered office address services please do get in contact with us.If you found this post interesting, you can read more in our business blog.

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