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Full List UK Bank Holidays for 2024 and Other Special Days

🔑 Key Highlights

  • There are eight bank holidays in England and Wales, Scotland has nine, and ten in Northern Ireland, each with specific themes and significance.
  • The common bank holidays across all jurisdictions include New Year's Day, Good Friday, the early May bank holiday, the Spring bank holiday, the Summer bank holiday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.
  • Special days observed globally that UK businesses can leverage to boost sales include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday.

Businesses can harness the potential of bank holidays, UK special days, and global events like Black Friday to boost sales, increase brand awareness and build stronger customer relationships. Achieving these goals involves implementing strategic strategies such as — 

  • Themed promotions – Create promotions and offers directly tied to the theme of the bank holiday or special day. For example, businesses can offer discounts on romantic products or services on Valentine's Day. At the same time, on Black Friday, you can provide exclusive deals and limited-time offers across a range of products.
  • Content marketing—Develop content marketing campaigns that revolve around the date's significance, including blog posts, social media content, and email newsletters that highlight the relevance of the holiday or event and showcase how your products or services can enhance the celebration.
  • Targeted advertising — Use targeted campaigns to reach specific audiences interested in the holiday or event. Platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads allow businesses to create custom audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviour, ensuring that promotional messages reach the right people at the right time.
  • Collaborations and partnerships — Collaborate with other businesses or influencers to create joint promotions or campaigns centred around the holiday or event to attract new customers who may be interested in the collaborative offerings.
  • Customer engagement activities—Organise special events or activities, such as contests, giveaways, or interactive social media campaigns that encourage customer engagement and participation during the holiday or event period. 
  • Post-holiday follow-up — Capitalise on the momentum generated during the holiday or event by following up with customers afterwards. Send thank-you emails, offer loyalty rewards for future purchases, and continue to engage with customers to maintain their interest and loyalty beyond the initial promotion.

What are the most important UK bank holidays for remote workers and international e-commerce store owners?

The most important bank holidays for remote workers and international entrepreneurs with businesses in the UK are as follows — 

  • New Year's Day (1 January) — A  nationwide bank holiday impacts business operations such as logistics and bank transactions. On the marketing side, businesses can boost sales by running New Year promotions, offering special discounts, and launching marketing campaigns to attract customers during this festive period.
  • Good Friday and Easter Monday (April) —  These bank holidays in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland can affect customer availability. However, businesses can capitalise on the Easter season by offering Easter-themed products or services, hosting promotional events, and engaging customers through social media contests or giveaways.
  • Early May bank holiday (first Monday in May), Spring bank holiday (last Monday in May) and Summer bank holiday (last Monday in August)  — UK-wide bank holidays that may disrupt business operations. Businesses can boost sales by launching spring-themed promotions and seasonal discounts, introducing new products or services, holding end-of-summer sales events, and offering incentives such as free shipping or discounts for purchases made during the holiday period.
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25-26 December) — Major bank holidays in the UK that significantly impact business activities and customer availability. Businesses can enhance customer engagement and boost sales during the holiday season by offering holiday gift guides, running Christmas-themed promotions, and providing incentives such as gift-wrapping services or loyalty rewards for holiday purchases.


Bank holidays in the UK have a twofold impact on businesses. They present an excellent opportunity for themed sales and promotions, necessitating meticulous planning and proactive marketing efforts in anticipation of the holiday rush. However, business operations, particularly in delivery or logistics, may experience disruptions. Therefore, it's crucial to plan accordingly and prepare for potential challenges during these periods.

How can remote workers and international e-commerce store owners prepare for UK bank holidays and special days?

Remote workers and international e-commerce store owners can prepare for UK bank holidays by following these strategies:

  • Plan — Mark bank holidays on your calendar and create a holiday schedule for your business operations. Communicate any changes in service availability or shipping times to customers in advance.
  • Stock inventory —Ensure you have sufficient inventory before special days and holidays to meet customer demand during peak periods. Anticipate potential delays in product deliveries and plan accordingly.
  • Schedule marketing campaigns – Develop themed marketing campaigns and promotions tailored to each holiday. Be sure to schedule these campaigns to launch in advance, generating excitement and driving sales leading up to the holiday.
  • Optimise customer support — Prepare your customer support team for increased holiday inquiries and requests. Consider extending support hours or providing automated responses to manage customer expectations.
  • Monitor logistics – Work closely with shipping and logistics partners to monitor delivery schedules and potential disruptions during bank holidays. Communicate with customers about any delays in shipping times.
  • Review payment processing—Ensure your payment processing systems are functioning smoothly and can handle increased transaction volumes during busy holiday periods. Offer multiple payment options to accommodate customer preferences.


Bank holidays may result in delays in the processing of different financial transactions, such as bill payments, ACH transfers, wire transfers, and interbank fund transfers. Transactions initiated on or around a bank holiday might take longer to reflect in your accounts.

Past bank holidays in England and Wales 2024

  • Monday, 1 April - Easter Monday

  • Friday, 29 March - Good Friday

  • Monday, 1 January - New Year’s Day

  • Monday, 6 May - Early May bank holiday

Upcoming bank holidays in England and Wales 2024

  • Monday, 27 May - Spring bank holiday

  • Monday, 26 August - Summer bank holiday

  • Wednesday, 25 December - Christmas Day

  • Thursday, 26 December - Boxing Day

Past Bank Holidays in Scotland 2024

  • Friday, 29 March - Good Friday

  • Monday, 1 January - New Year’s Day

  • Tuesday, 2 January - 2nd January

  • Monday, 6 May - Early May bank holiday

Upcoming bank holidays in Scotland 2024

  • Monday, 27 May - Spring bank holiday

  • Monday, 5 August - Summer bank holiday

  • Monday, 2 December - St Andrew’s Day (substitute day)

  • Wednesday, 25 December - Christmas Day

  • Thursday, 26 December - Boxing Day

Past bank holidays in Northern Ireland

  • Monday, 1 April - Easter Monday

  • Friday, 29 March - Good Friday

  • Monday, 18 Marc - St Patrick’s Day (substitute day)

  • Monday, 1 January - New Year’s Day

  • Monday, 6 May - Early May bank holiday

Upcoming bank holidays in Northern Ireland

  • Monday, 27 May - Spring bank holiday

  • Friday, 12 July - Battle of the Boyne (Orangemen’s Day)

  • Monday, 26 August - Summer bank holiday

  • Wednesday, 25 December - Christmas Day

  • Thursday, 26 December - Boxing Day

May Special Dates With Corresponding Marketing Ideas

  • 4th, May the 4th, Be With You (Star Wars Day) — Channel your inner Jedi with themed products or run an epic lightsaber battle contest for Star Wars enthusiasts.

  • 20th, World Bee Day — Maybe spread the buzz about environmental awareness! Offer bee-friendly products or pledge support to bee conservation initiatives as part of your CSR initiatives.

  • 29th, National Biscuit Day — Dunk, nibble, and indulge! Treat your customers to complimentary biscuits with every purchase or unveil delicious biscuit-themed deals.

  • 30th, National Creativity Day - Unleash your imagination! Inspire user-generated content, spark creativity with a unique challenge, or launch a vibrant campaign to engage your creative community.

Special Days and Marketing Opportunities for June

  • 5th, World Environment Day — Go green and make a difference! Run a planet-saving campaign, highlight eco-friendly products, promote conservation initiatives or organise a green cleanup event to protect our planet.

  • 7th, Global Running Day – Lace up and hit the pavement! Host a fun run event, offer discounts on sports gear, or challenge your community with fitness-focused activities.

  • 16th, Father’s Day — Celebrate Dad like a boss! Create father-focused promotions, offer irresistible gift ideas, and make shopping for fathers or father figures a breeze.

  • 24th-30th, World Wellbeing Week — Nurture wellness and self-care! Host rejuvenating workshops, promote wellness products/services, and ride the wellness wave during this week.

  • 30th, Social Media Day — Like, share, engage! Run social media-exclusive promotions or creative contests to boost brand visibility and connect with your online community.

July Holidays & Marketing Ideas

  • st-28th, Tour de France — Pedal into excitement! Delight cycling enthusiasts with promotions on top-notch cycling gear or host thrilling events to ride alongside the Tour de France frenzy.

  • 28th, International Friendship Day — Share the love! Launch a referral program that encourages customers to spread the word and share exclusive deals with their friends, fostering a circle of friendship and savings.

Special Dates In August

  • 8th, International Cat Day — Paws and reflect on feline fun! Launch a purr-fect pet-focused campaign, a whisker away discounts on pet supplies, or host a meow-tastic cat photo contest to celebrate our furry friends.

  • 21st, World Entrepreneurs Day — Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit! Show your support for local entrepreneurship by offering business-related resources, expert advice, or engaging events that empower aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to thrive.

  • 26th, International Dog Day — Fetch some tail-wagging fun! Dive into pet-related promotions, roll out the red carpet for dog-friendly events, and celebrate with fellow dog enthusiasts to honour our beloved furry companions.

Key Dates September for Customer Engagement and Sales

  • 5th, International Day of Charity — Spread kindness and make a difference! Host heartwarming charity events, pledge a portion of proceeds to charitable causes, or organise a community fundraiser that brings people together for a good cause.

  • 13th-17th, London Fashion Week — Strut your style! Host dazzling fashion-inspired events, share expert fashion tips, or showcase your latest collections to capture the glamour and excitement of London Fashion Week.

  • 16th - 100 Days to Christmas — Jingle to savings! Launch a festive countdown promotion that offers early bird discounts, exclusive deals, and a merry start to the holiday season.

  • 27th, World Tourism Day — Explore, discover, and travel! Promote local attractions, collaborate with travel-related businesses for exclusive offers, and celebrate the joy of tourism while showcasing the beauty of your destination.


  • 1st, Vegetarian Day — Embrace the green lifestyle! Showcase plant-based products, tantalise taste buds with delicious vegetarian recipes or inspire healthy eating habits with tips and tricks for a vibrant veggie-filled diet.

  • 10th, Mental Health Day – Mind matters! Raise awareness for mental health, share self-care tips for emotional well-being, or support mental health charities to promote positive mental health in your community.


  • 1st, World Vegan Day — Go green and delicious! Highlight mouthwatering vegan products or recipes, offer plant-based specials tantalising taste buds, or share valuable vegan lifestyle tips for a healthier and compassionate living.

  • 1st, Diwali — Light up the celebration! Offer dazzling Diwali-themed promotions that sparkle with festive spirit, share cultural insights that honour the festival's significance, or host joyous celebration events that bring communities together in joy and harmony.

  • 5th, Guy Fawkes Night— Ignite excitement! Offer bonfire-themed promotions that sizzle with excitement, share intriguing historical content about Guy Fawkes Night, or host fireworks-themed contests that light up the night sky with fun and festivity.

  • 10th, Remembrance Sunday — Pay tribute with reverence. Show respect and honour the day without commercial intentions, acknowledging the significance of Remembrance Sunday with solemnity and dignity.

  • 28th, Thanksgiving— Give thanks with gratitude! Express appreciation to customers with heartfelt messages, offer Thanksgiving sales that show appreciation or extend kindness by donating meals to those in need, spreading the spirit of Thanksgiving generosity.

  • 29th, Black Friday — Shop till you drop! Run sensational sales events, unveil dazzle doorbuster deals, or offer limited-time offers to kick off the holiday shopping season with excitement and savings galore.

  • 30th, Cyber Monday — Keep the shopping spree going! Continue the sales momentum with irresistible online-exclusive deals and promotions that keep customers clicking and shopping from the comfort of their screens.

  • 30th, St Andrew's Day — Celebrate Scottish pride! Honour Scottish culture with themed promotions or events that showcase St Andrew's Day's rich heritage and traditions, connecting with customers who appreciate Scottish roots and history.

Special Days for December

  • 7th, Small Business Saturday — Celebrate local! Shine a spotlight on your small business, offer exclusive deals that showcase your unique offerings, or join forces with neighbouring businesses for a community-wide celebration of entrepreneurship and support.

  • 5th International Volunteer Day — Make a difference together! Promote volunteer opportunities that empower community engagement, support impactful community initiatives, or highlight your philanthropic efforts to inspire acts of kindness and giving.

  • 13th, Christmas Jumper Day — Festive fun for a cause! OrganiOrganisery is a holiday-themed event that spreads cheer. It offers discounts on festive attire that spark joy, or it donates proceeds from sales to charity, spreading warmth and goodwill during the holiday season.

  • 24th, Christmas Eve — Ho ho ho-liday excitement! Offer last-minute shopping deals that save the day, extend store hours for festive shoppers, or share delightful festive content that builds anticipation and excitement for Christmas Day.

  • 25th, Christmas Day — Joy to the world! Send heartfelt holiday messages to customers, spread goodwill and holiday cheer with warm wishes, and celebrate the season's magic with gratitude and joy.

  • 26th, Boxing Day — Unwrap post-holiday delights! Launch sensational post-holiday sales that delight bargain hunters, host clearance events that make room for new beginnings, or offer special "Boxing Day" discounts that keep the holiday spirit alive.

  • 31st, New Year’s Eve – Cheers to a new chapter! Share New Year's resolutions that inspire positive change, offer year-end promotions that end the year on a high note, or host countdown-themed events that ring in the new year with excitement and celebration.

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