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Five Benefits Of Using Live Call Answering Service

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Five Benefits Of Using Live Call Answering Service

Five Benefits Of Using Live Call Answering Service

For a business owner on a tight budget, making good use of a live business call answering service can make a lot of sense. Firstly, using an unlimited call answering service such as the one provided by Capital Office, London will actually save you a lot of money.

Because you don't actually have to go to the expense of hiring your own reception staff and providing them with costly offices and IT and telephony equipment to be able to take your incoming business calls, you can reap plenty of financial benefits from using an all-inclusive service instead.

Let's take a closer look at the five major benefits of using our Professional Unlimited Call Answering services:

1: Have your own receptionist without hiring one

You can enjoy the full benefit of having your very own company receptionist without actually having to go through the motions of employing one. When you take on a salaried employee, your responsibilities towards your staff can be huge!

Think about your commitments to providing them with a contract, full-time salary at around £25,000 + per year, holiday and sickness entitlements, pension and NI contributions. This is just to employ them to answer your phones.

Instead, you could choose to use a live telephone answering service that provides you will all of the benefits of having a real-life company receptionist, but without having to shoulder all of the associated financial costs and your employer's commitments and obligations.

At just a fraction of the costs associated with hiring your own staff, you can get your virtual receptionist to handle all of your business calls in the way you want. Plus the fact that because you will be using a virtual service like ours with multiple receptionists, we can handle high volume calls to your business.

This means that you will never miss a single incoming business call, no matter how busy your phone line gets. If your budget would only allow you to stretch to hiring one in-house receptionist to handle all of your incoming business calls, how many prospective new customer calls do you think would be missed while your receptionist was busy dealing with just one incoming call?

A professional call answering service such as ours is a perfect fit for a sole trader, solo entrepreneur or a small business or partnership with very few staff members.

2: Present a professional company image

As a business owner, you will appreciate that your customers are key to your success. If you want your business to survive and thrive, then you need to provide exemplary customer services. This includes the very first impression you make when prospective new customers call your business telephone number.

Instead of having their call greeted by a very flustered and tense business owner, they can have their called answered in a professional and courteous manner by a fully-trained and highly experienced virtual receptionist using the business greeting of your choice.

Your customers will get an immediate great first impression of your company and be filled with confidence that you are a professional outfit that takes your work seriously. Your callers will have no idea how large or small your business really is.

This is why our call answering services are so valuable for new start-ups and lean businesses that don't want the extra expense of running a physical office. You can set up your office structure to be as lean and cost-effective as possible by making good use of virtual office services.

Depending on what you have planned each day, we can take care of your calls to allow you to focus on an urgent work project that demands your full attention, or allow you to hit the road to travel to a client without having to pull your car over to answer your phone, or allow you to lock yourself into a business meeting for the day without being disturbed or interrupted by your phone.

Whatever your day-to-day business tasks involve, having your calls answered swiftly and politely by skilled professional receptionists offers you an outstanding customer service experience without the risk of missing out on potential new customers because you are too busy to take your own calls.

3: Hit the ground running

By using a professional call answering service such as ours, you can start from day one with our team of skilled virtual receptionists seamlessly integrating with your company.

Because you don't have to concern yourself with any staff training you can use our services in the full knowledge that our team of receptionists are fully trained and ready to handle your calls.

We literally hit the ground running with our virtual services. This means that you get a 100% professional service right from day one without having to invest a single moment of your precious time into any staff training.

4: Free up your working day

We all know how crucially important it is to make sure you answer your business phone calls. However, when you are trying to focus your time and energy on actually doing your work and running your business, you can often be left wishing that there were more hours in the day or that all of your callers would ring you within a one-hour time slot so you could get your work done in peace.

By using a professional live call answering service such as ours, you will be able to untie yourself from your company phone. You will be able to take your time back and use it more constructively while your callers feel like they have been well looked after.

Our Professional Unlimited Call Answering Service will make sure that your day can be used more productively, whether that is meeting an up and coming deadline, conducting a business meeting or even spending the day balancing the books when you don't want your concentration broken.

We can relay your messages to you as and when you want us to, plus if you are awaiting an important client phone call, we will know to put that call directly through to you.

5: Free yourself from cold callers

What can be more frustrating for a busy business owner than having their day constantly interrupted by cold callers?

By using our live call answering services, you can be left completely free from the nuisance that is business cold callers. Not only are cold callers frustrating but 99% of the time what they are offering has no importance to your business or are of any interest to yourself personally.

Your virtual receptionist will be able to screen all of your incoming calls so that no cold callers get past them. Our screening process will ensure that only your important calls are put through to you when you want to hear from them in person, and your phone messages that we relay to you are from genuine business callers.

Our services offer great flexibility that allows you to choose which callers you want putting through live, and which caller messages you want to look at and call back at a time that is convenient for you.

Find out more information about our Professional Unlimited Call Answering Service or do not hesitate to talk to us if you want to discuss your virtual office needs. We are here to help!

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