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July 4, 2014
May 5, 2021


What is a good standing certificate?

A good standing certificate is simply a certificate the shows the company has been in a continuous and unbroken existence since the date of its first incorporation. It also states that there is no action being taken against the company, such as a strike off.

What does my company needs in order have a good standing certificate to be issued?

First of all its important that your annual return or confirmation statement is filed and up to date. You will also need to have:A private Ltd company needs to have one director that is a natural person.For a public limited company 2 directors are needed and a secretary.A Certificate of Good Standing is issued by Companies House and will be sent to you by post to your company’s registered office address. If you prefer, you can apply for and download an electronic copy, however this will not have the signature of a Companies House official signatory and so is may not carry such an equal gravitas as an official printed and signed copy.

What other details can I include on the good standing certificate?

The following details can be included upon request:

  • Directors names
  • Secretaries names
  • Registered office
  • Issued capital
  • Shareholders
  • Company objects
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Other factual details if needed

Do I really need a Certificate of Good Standing?

Most companies operating in the UK may not have a particular need for a Certificate of Good Standing. However, having one does demonstrate to others that the company is meeting its regulatory obligations. A company director can very rightly be proud of their achievements so having a certificate can show that the company is professional and well organised. This can be a great morale booster for the company directors and shareholders as well as give confidence to customers or clients and suppliers of the business.One of the main benefits of having a Certificate of Good Standing is when you are planning to conduct business abroad. If you’re setting up a foreign branch of your company in another country, you will usually need to provide a Certificate of Good Standing to that country's official registrar, or what they class as the equivalent of Companies House in their country.

How can I get a certificate of good standing?

You can contact us today, and we can help arrange a certificate of good standing for a very reasonable fee. It normally take up to 7 days to complete. We can offer a same day service, this is more expensive but a good option for time sensitive requirements. Please feel free to read our business blog, where more information on company formation, virtual offices and other services can be found.

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