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Guide to Director’s Address Service

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Guide to Director’s Address Service

Guide to Director’s Address Service

There are a number of responsibilities involved with being the director of a limited company, regardless of how involved you are with the day to day running. One of these is part of the registration as a company and involves your address. This guide explains your responsibilities and what our Director’s Address Service covers.

Being a director

Responsibilities of being a company director can be varied, depending on how involved in the daily running of the company you are. Sometimes it can be simply offering your experience and views to help make the business a success while you may be called on to make decisions for the benefit of the company, without view to your personal gain.There are other requirements of being a director that range from issues relating to tax and HMRC through to taking a share in ensuring the company is run correctly. While some of these aspects will involve hiring someone to manage, such as an accountant to handle accounts, there are still some things that must be done by the individual.

Company formation

When a company is formed as a limited company and directors are appointed, the company must register itself with Companies House in London. As a part of this, it will need to have articles of association – in other words a set of rules that everyone within the company adheres to. This applies to directors as well other members of staff.Along with the articles of association, there are several other pieces of information that are required to set up a limited company. These include the company name and registered address as well as the name and address of any directors as well as a company secretary if there is one. You also need to give details of any shareholders and share capital as well as information about anyone with significant control over the company, say owning 25% or more of the shares or voting rights. Finally, you need a standard industry classification or a SIC code which signifies what the company does.

The director’s address

As part of this list, directors are required to give their name and address and this information is lodged on the public register. But some directors don’t want their home address to be available to the public for various reasons. However, there is an option to use what is called a service address – this can be the public address but can also be another address and this is what is added to the public register.Here at Capital Office, we offer a Director’s Address Service that allows you to use our address as your service address and therefore to keep your home address away from public eyes. Our address is in a prestigious area of London, but it doesn’t matter where in the country you live to be able to take advantage of it.Our flexible service includes a mail forwarding address so that when you use our address and any official HMRC or Companies House mail arrives, we can forward it on to you at your private home address. We also have the option to scan mail into our system and email you the content if you are trying to keep physical mail to a minimum. This means there is no delay in you receiving the information within the letters and no risk that it might get lost in the post.The service can be taken in one year periods and includes statutory mail forwarding at no extra cost. You can action the service online and our form takes around five minutes to complete, allowing you to process the payment at the same time.

Full Directors Address Service Features

  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • No setup fees
  • Instant activation
  • Real office building
  • Private & confidential
  • Real London address
  • Parcels accepted
  • Post scanning option
  • Unlimited mail volume
  • Signed for post accepted
  • Cheaper than Royal Mail
  • Reception for visiting clients
  • Worldwide post forwarding
  • Collect post from office
  • Prestigious address
  • Free meeting room use

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