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Guide to our Mail Handling Options

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Guide to our Mail Handling Options

Guide to our Mail Handling Options

There can be a lot of reasons why a company doesn’t want mail arriving at the business address. This could be because it is a home address and not an actual business premises, or that there is no-one available at the address to handle important business post on a daily basis. For these and many other reasons, Capital Office offers a comprehensive mail handling service with options to suit all types of business needs.

Business address and mail handling

One of the easiest ways to make use of our mail handling service is to use our professional Central London address as your business address. This means that all mail send to your business arrives at our office for our experienced staff to handle on your behalf. Not only that but your business benefits from having a prestigious London address as its business address – and legally, the business address you use for your correspondence doesn’t need to be your actual place of business.This kind of service is invaluable if you don’t have a business premises and don’t want to register your home address on public records. It prevents people knowing where you live and turning up at your door and also stops your home address being inundated with mail that you don’t have time to go through.A mail handling service such as ours is also useful for rapidly expanding businesses who may plan to move to larger premises on a regular basis to accommodate a larger stock inventory or expanding office space. There is little risk of important mail and parcels becoming lost in the post or arriving at a previous address.Even companies that already have business premises can use our address and mail services. Unless you have a secretary or admin assistant permanently sited on your premises, you will not have anyone who can expertly deal with the mail on a daily basis. Your business premises may be a warehouse, production facility or storage depot where no-one is around often enough to check the mail and sort out what is urgent or important from what is not.Businesses that operate in the UK but are based in another country can also use this service. They are required to have an address in the UK for statutory mail and also it helps when UK based clients can contact them through a UK address. It also helps potential new clients to build trust in your company when you have a London based address instead of an international one.

How our mail handling service works

The system of mail handling is simple and customers can choose from a number of different options about how their mail is handled, depending on their requirements. We use the latest mail sorting technology to ensure everyone receives their own mail and that it is dealt with in a timely manner.One option for mail handling that we offer is ideal if you too are based in London, or regularly visit the capital on business. You can call in at our offices in person and collect your mail at regular intervals to suit your schedule, or if you are waiting for something specific and know when it will arrive.Mail forwarding means that once we receive your business mail, we can then securely bundle it together and forward this on to you at an address of your choosing. We can send mail anywhere in the world and offer cheaper forwarding mail rates than Royal Mail to save you money.By far the quickest way to get your mail is to have it scanned and emailed to you. If you prefer to keep your paperwork to a minimum, or like the idea of getting your mail instantly via email because of tight deadlines, then this is a perfect service for you. We offer a same day service where we can scan the content of your letters into our secure system and then send the information to you via email.

Benefits of the system

So why would you choose to use the mail forwarding system rather than simply sort through your own mail or use some kind of P.O Box or deposit box system?

Using our service you get:

  • Experienced staff using the latest in mail sorting technology
  • The ability to have signed for post accepted
  • The option to collect your mail from our London office
  • A same day scan and email service with little time delay between receiving and reading post
  • Post forwarded the same day if you choose this option
  • A London address to use on all correspondence
  • The ability to keep your own address off the public record
  • No need to hire a secretary or admin assistant just to deal with post

The service takes only a few minutes to set up and there are three different packages available. You can take our services for three, six or twelve month intervals and the top package also entitles you to use of our meeting room for 2 hours.There are no hidden costs involved in the service and no set up feed – the price shown on the website is what you pay.Virtual office services are the best way to give your customers the service they require without the need for a costly business premises. And we can even meet your customers at our door for visiting clients to complete the professional image.

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